100% recycled Gold by Gold® gold

By acquiring Gold by Gold® gold, you are guaranteeing the use of 100% recycled gold, sourced exclusively from end-of-life post-consumer materials obtained from our customers. Gold by Gold® is the first French label to guarantee that you are not contributing to the adverse environmental and social impacts of the gold mining industry.

First French gold guaranteed to be 100%
recycled from post-consumer materials!

Refined in our workshops by seasoned professionals with thirty years' expertise, Gold by Gold gold is the first French gold guaranteed to be 100% recycled from post-consumer materials: jewellery, accessories, dental gold... obtained solely from end users rather than the manufacturing process. Gold by Gold's sourcing and recycling procedures ensure the full traceability of its gold (even including pictures of the very lots that were melted down). Only so-called "new" production waste and financial gold (coins and bars) are not used in our recycling process, as they have not already been used as a consumer good.

Gold by Gold gold is available in the form of solid gold shot (99.99% pure) or basic 18 carat gold alloy for lost wax casting (3N colour). Electrolytically refined in our workshops, the silver we use in our alloys has no mining impact either as it is sourced exclusively from end-of-life products obtained from our customers.

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    Pure gold

  • Or 18 carats

    18 carat gold

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Guarantee of a competitive price

Thanks to Gold by Gold's expertise and our integration of the entire collection, refining and distribution process, we are able to sell 100% recycled gold at the same price as untraced gold! Our prices are continuously indexed to the official international London gold fixing.

Important gesture for the planet

Purchasing Gold by Gold gold will enhance your customers' perception of your responsible attitude, as you help take a concrete step towards the reduction of those emissions so harmful to our planet. Gold mining is one of the most polluting industries: it takes more than 50,000 litres of water and the energy equivalent of 150 litres of petrol to produce a 20-gram pure gold ring, and results in the emission of 415 kg of CO2 and 18 kg of sulphur oxide and the generation of nearly 20 metric tons of mining waste! By buying recycled gold, you also help prevent entire populations from being dislocated by mining operations.

For these reasons, and because each gram recycled avoids the need to mine an additional gram, Gold by Gold and the Gold by Gold Group have elected to refine precious metals obtained exclusively from recycling or from responsible artisanal mining communities producing fair trade gold. We are now the first refiners in France to guarantee the traceability of our gold to our customers. The origin of each gram of gold we sell is clearly marked. This transparency allows us to guarantee gold that has no footprint in terms of ecological impact, social practices or non-responsible - or even illegal - sources of funding.

The jewellery industry
no longer needs mined gold !

"In April 2010, I posted an entry on the french gold recycling blog that I run on the topic that the jewellery industry no longer needs mines to supply its gold. In the United States, the use of recycled gold is quite fashionable and allows jewellers to break the hold of a mining industry that is increasingly tainted by awareness campaigns.

But recycled gold has one major defect: it doesn't drive any growth. While the artisanal gold industry provides a living for 60 million people, industrial gold – and recycled gold even less – does not provide work or consequently income to a large number of people. So, since artisanal mining can be responsible and environmentally-friendly, one should ALWAYS favour the use of the gold it produces. This gold is Fair Trade Gold.

The figures speak for themselves. The World Gold Council, the union of the major gold mining groups, has just published its 2009 statistics, and they are quite eloquent as regards the recycling of that most popular of precious metals.

Globally, in 2009, the recycling of existing stocks of gold, mostly in the form of jewellery, was equal to the demand for gold of the entire jewellery industry!

In 2009, almost 1,700 metric tons of gold, mostly old jewellery, was melted and refined, while production of new jewellery absorbed just over 1,750 metric tons of gold. The worldwide jewellery industry therefore covered more than 95% of its needs through recycling !

More eloquent still, in Europe this coverage ratio has passed the 100% mark to reach 135% ! According to statistics, 270 metric tons of gold jewellery were recycled, while the continent consumed no more than 200 tons ! Europe therefore no longer needs mined gold to meet its jewellery needs.

The needs of the old continent can be met by recycling.

Stocks of old jewellery, representing more than 30 years' worth of mine production, have become the new gold mine for the 21st century, whose use has become profitable thanks to the combined impact of historically high prices, an acute economic crisis and the emergence of new sales channels that are much more accessible and direct.

The self-sufficiency of the jewellery industry is no longer just a goal for environmentalists, it is an established fact!

So the question is: why continue the mining of gold if the industry has a very high environmental impact, since gold is not essential to our lives and as demand for jewellery may well be satisfied by existing gold stocks, which at the end of 2009 represented close to 65 years' worth of mine production?

For me, the answer is simple. Mining is justified only if it drives local development and results in an equitable redistribution of the income generated, as has been the case for over 150 years in the western U.S., Canada and Australia. A case can also be made for artisanal gold mining, which supports more than 60 million people worldwide while providing only 10%-15% of the global mining supply."

Patrick Schein
President of Gold by Gold

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